About – The Edified Lifestyle


Kenneth L Montgomery, founder and artist behind The Edified Lifestyle

Hello, my name is Kenneth L Montgomery.   I am the founder and artist behind "The Edified Lifestyle" as well as each of the brands within its portfolio.
I am a firm believer that we are multifaceted beings.  As we resolve to become the best version of ourselves, I believe that we must focus our energies and efforts to grow and develop in each of those categories of life.

The brands here are designated to be an aid to anyone who is seeking to elevate their thinking, improve their physical physique and/or advance in their Christian walk. I have personally benefited tremendously via my own commitment to improving in each of these categories within my own life.  My hope is that these brands will also be an aid to you to help you ascend to greater horizons in your life as well! To learn more about each brand, please visit their individual about pages.
Let each of us continue in our quest to journey onward and upwards!

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