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Based in the San Diego, California area and founded by Kenneth L Montgomery, The Edified Lifestyle is a portfolio of brands to help you grow, thrive and advance in all aspects of life!  As multifaceted individuals, the collective goal of these brands is to help you enrich your mind, refine your body and elevate your spirit to greater horizons!

The “Prevailer” brand focuses on the improvement of physical health and mental fortitude.  The “Words & Expressions” brand focuses on promoting upbeat thinking and positive resolve.  And finally, the “Thine¬Mine” brand focuses on promoting spiritual growth, exultation and empowerment.   So if you seek in grow and improve in one, two or in all three of these areas, each brand will enable you to “Ascend to Greater Horizons“! See below to learn more about each brand! 

Lastly, as we endeavor to support and show some love to our local area, we are thrilled to partner with small businesses within the San Diego County area to aid us in producing our brand merchandise! These businesses share in our passion to inspire and motivate others as well as in our quest to produce quality merchandise. 


Founded in 2017, Prevailer is "A lifestyle brand created to aid you in your fitness journey to greatness!"
When you hear the word “fitness” what comes to mind? Do you immediately think of physical fitness? You would be correct in that assessment. However, the notion of being fit extends beyond just physical and also applies to mental conditioning as well. One definition of the word “fit” is, “sound physically and mentally”! With that in mind, the goals of the Prevailer brand is to help people reach their physical fitness goals as well as help them to build their mental fortitude to press onward and become the prevailer that they seek to be in all categories of life.


Words & Expressions

Founded in 2012, Words & Expressions is a lifestyle brand created to unleash the nurturing power of words.  Words can be empowering to ourselves and others as well a catalyst to extend kindness and promote positive thinking.  In addition, can be a means to encourage people to focus their thoughts in a manner that promotes wholesome, upbeat and positive resolve!  

The Words & Expressions' slogan is, "Merchandise to Inspire, Encourage, Motivate & Edify". They are defined as follows:

Inspire | to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration
Encourage | to make someone more determined, hopeful, or confident
Motivate | to give someone a reason for doing something
Edify | to teach someone in a way that improves the mind or character

These words illustrate the goals of the brand.  There are many things that we can focus our thoughts on.  However, let's resolve to focus our mental energies on those things that are wholesome, upbeat and promote positive vibes!



Founded in 2017, Thine¬Mine is a faith-based lifestyle brand that strives to encourage believers in their spiritual walk.  As believers, we are encouraged to shine as lights in the world, to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ, and to follow his example of doing the will of our heavenly Father.  Not only can we build ourselves up with the word, but together, we can also have a positive impact on the lives of others and extend true agape love one to another.

At first glance of the logo, you may be wondering what is the odd-looking symbol between the words “Thine” and “Mine”. This is the logical mathematical symbol for "negation". Thus, the logo reads, Thine Not Mine (Yours Not Mine). This is a reference to John 6:38 — “For I (Jesus Christ) came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.” The logo is simple in design, but the meaning behind it is very powerful.  It serves as a reminder to us to be imitators of Jesus Christ and seek to do the will of our heavenly Father just as he did! The harvest is truly plenteous, so as believers, let us do our utmost to do the will of our Heavenly Father!


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