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Charitable Donations

The Edified Lifestyle is proud to donate to charities below as we endeavor to help people "Ascend to Greater Horizons".

St. Jude's:

Many of us have been touched directly or indirectly by cancer—my family included.  As a sibling to a Cancer Prevailer, I witnessed first hand, the challenges associated with overcoming cancer, especially when the odds are stacked against you.  However, what has a lasting impression on me from that ordeal is the drive, resilience and sheer desire shown to press through to victory!  Was it easy, no, but also, the alternative was not an acceptable option!  Throughout this battle, goodhearted, compassionate people extended a helping hand from time to time.  That was most appreciated and added fuel to the quest to overcome and prevail.  In the end, victory was achieved and another Cancer Prevailer crossed the finish line!

I often reflect back on that time—choosing to focus on the positive resolve and energies that fueled such a tremendous conquest.  It is my desire to help other young people who may be facing similar challenges in their lives.  That is why I am thrilled to partner with St. Jude.  What I find to be so amazing about this organization is that families are never charged for treatment, travel, housing or food.  This frees them up to focusing their energies on helping their loved one prevail. For every "Cancer Prevailer" branded items that is sold through my store, I will be donating a portion of the net proceeds to St. Jude.  Click here to learn more about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. To shop the Cancer Prevailer collection, please click here.   Thanks for helping me in my quest to make a difference in live of others.  Regards, Kenneth L. Montgomery, Founder.

Additional Charities to be Announced Soon!

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