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Words & Expressions: Shirts, Mugs and Accessories to Inspire, Encourage, Motivate & Edify!

Words & Expressions

Founded in 2012 by Kenneth L Montgomery, Words & Expressions is a lifestyle brand created to unleash the nurturing power of words to inspire, encourage, motivate and edify!  Words can be empowering to ourselves and others.  They can also be a catalyst to extend kindness, positive thinking and edification to others. The Words & Expressions' slogan is, "Merchandise to Inspire, Encourage, Motivate & Edify". They are defined as follows:

Inspire | to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration
Encourage | to make someone more determined, hopeful, or confident
Motivate | to give someone a reason for doing something
Edify | to teach someone in a way that improves the mind or character

These words illustrate the goals of the brand.  There are many things that we can focus our thoughts on.  However, let's resolve to focus our mental energies on those things that are wholesome, upbeat and promote positive vibes!

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