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Prevailer - A lifestyle brand to aid you in your fitness journey to greatness!


Founded in 2017 by Kenneth L Montgomery, Prevailer is "A lifestyle brand created to aid you in your fitness journey to greatness!" 

When you hear the word “fitness” what comes to mind?  Do you immediately think of physical fitness?  You would be correct in that assessment.  However, the notion of being fit extends beyond just physical and also applies to mental conditioning as well.  One definition of the word “fit” is, “sound physically and mentally”!  With that in mind, the goals of the Prevailer brand is to help people reach their physical fitness goals as well as help them to build their mental fortitude to press onward and become the prevailer that they seek to be in all categories of life. 

For a good portion of my life, I struggled to gain weight. My older brother, who was a natural bodybuilder, took me under his wing and helped me to achieve my goal. He emphasized the importance of putting in the work to get to where I wanted to be. In addition, he often gave me words of encouragement to build my mental resolve and confidence. He reminded me that I could achieve anything that I put my mind to achieving—a mindset instilled in us by our parents. With that ammunition, I pressed on and reached my goals and beyond! That experience ignited my passion to help others build their believing to reach their goals as well—be it physically or to just help them build their mental fortitude to tackle whatever challenge that lay in front of them. These are the motivations behind the establishment of the Prevailer brand. Full disclaimer: I'm not a personal trainer nor a certificated life coach myself.  However, I hope that I can provide merchandise and words of encouragement to help you along your path to becoming the "Prevailer" that you know you can be!

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